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suddenly you turn around and realize you're all alone.
no one to talk with, no one to see.
as you just sit there watching the birds and the bee's.
you turn around and see nothing.......
nothing but me......
the one who loves you, the one who cares for you.
the one that does'nt want to see you alone.
as you just sit there you wonder.....why?
why does he love me?
why does he care?
can he be the one that will always be there?
all of your questions are answered with a simple kiss.
you are the one that i have forever missed.
searching down the wrong paths.
taking wrong turns, running red lights.
i have finally made it to you and here is where i will forever stay.
:icongototha:gototha 1 2
Friends series - Zac by gototha Friends series - Zac :icongototha:gototha 1 3 Friends series - Mae_aka Tara by gototha Friends series - Mae_aka Tara :icongototha:gototha 1 4 Friends series - Jessa by gototha Friends series - Jessa :icongototha:gototha 1 4
Loving hatred
I love you but i hate you
do you want to know why?
cuz you left me with hope
when you wanted our love to die
I love you but I hate you
for all the times you spoke to me
for it all was just to tell a lie
I love you but I hate you
for saying that you loved me
when you didnt even care
:icongototha:gototha 0 8
lies can....
My hearts breaking again today
My tears have not dried
Its the hardest thing I've ever said
All day long I've cried...
When you do these things to me
The tears begin to flow
The hardest thing will be leaving you
But I know I have to go...
I can't forget the timeswe shared
Or the things we talkedabout
You know where my love is concerned
It doesn't leave room fordoubt....
I'll remember all the times I've cried
It hurt me more today
I don't understand why you lied
Why did it have to be this way....
:icongototha:gototha 1 8
once again
It's been a bad day
I'm getting used to it now
another sad day
I'd cry but I dunno how
I'm drowning in thoughts
of how things used to be
my chest was shut tight
complete with purity
It's out in the open
should've kept to myself
I'll learn from mistakes
take my heart off the shelf
my soul has now fled
it's my body alone
and it's far too much hurt
for my heart to come home
I give it up now
there's no way to win
without you here
my world still spins
It's been a bad day
I'll try to let it not show
another sad day
and I'm just letting go....
:icongototha:gototha 3 12
new poems-2
Day by day
Night by night
Step by step
I fall in love
A love so incomprehensible
So vivid
So unique
So wild, that not even the reign of god could control
A passion so deep
A need so necessary
A want so strong, the universe would not handle
I love you today
I'll love you tomorrow.
I'll love you forever
:icongototha:gototha 15 17
Gargoyal's tattoo by gototha Gargoyal's tattoo :icongototha:gototha 1 13 king dragon- drake by gototha king dragon- drake :icongototha:gototha 2 26 full moon by gototha full moon :icongototha:gototha 1 19
special friend- 1
I long to see my special friend
To show her things I've done.
The writing that I do for her
To me is so much fun.
The appreciation that I feel from her
Is very special to me.
She knows I write from within my heart
My soul it is set free
My writing often speaks of love
Sometimes friendship, too.
Whenever I am with my friend
She chases away the blues.
The time I get to spend with her,
The quiet talks we share,
She made an impact on my life
She showed me that she cares.
This Lady is a special friend
I'm positive she knows.
She knows the feelings I have in my heart
She's read them in my prose.
I know that we will never love
But that's OK, you see.
I am at my happiest
When she shares her time with me.
:icongototha:gototha 1 16
As I sit here,
Writing this to you,
Wondering what should I say,
Because all I can think of,
Night and day,
Is your amazing beauty,
That took my heart away.
So if you see me staring,
Don't turn the other way,
Because you're the light that cuts through darkness,
And brighten up my day,
It's hard to take control,
Of my heart, I'll lose my mind,
I though I was alone in this world,
But you came into my life, right on time,
If you don't understand,
What I hope to achieve,
I must move on,
But from my heart, you'll never leave.
:icongototha:gototha 2 6
There's a secret depression in my soul
Welling deep and simmering quietly
Chipping away methodically
At my fire
My ambition
My will to survive.
I keep smiling defiantly
Attitude is everything
And no one will know the truth
Of my pain in the dark
Of my really deep thoughts
Of the secret dread
at the base of my heart
That inevitably wins in the end
:icongototha:gototha 3 6
It's raining in my heart
A slow chronic downpour
pouring on the fire
that keeps me alive.
It's raining in my soul
Drenching my emotions
as I succumb to the onslaught
of depressing reality.
I try to channel my rage
to rekindle my embers
but when I look at the storm clouds
my little flicker is doomed.
:icongototha:gototha 0 11
I've known you but didn't get to know you.
You've always been but you weren't there.
You were a memory but you weren't in my mind.
You were mine but you didn't belong to me alone.
I had you but you weren't within my grasp.
I could reach you but you were untouchable.
I've wanted you but you couldn't hear me.
Then the breakthrough came.
Now I know you as you do me.
You are here existing.
You are in my head making memories mine.
You belong to only one and you are mine.
I can reach you now but it is you that has me.
I am no longer untouchable because you have reached me.
We have been found together through each other.
:icongototha:gototha 2 21


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